About Us

What we do at Stillwater Skin & Cancer Medical Clinic

Dr. Breedlove established Stillwater Skin & Cancer Medical Clinic, Inc. in Stillwater, OK in October, 1981, and opened a practice in Ponca City, OK, in 1982.

As a board-certified dermatology practice, Dr. Breedlove and his staff are the first people you should see regarding skin cancer and acne. Dr. Breedlove, and his staff, have a special interest in skin surgery and skin cancer. Most surgeries are performed under local anesthetic with minimum discomfort in the quiet comfort of our offices. Typically, surgeries do not require post-surgery medication, and few require stitches in the skin. You have no downtime, and very little post-operative discomfort.

Dr. Breedlove and his staff saved my life by diagnosing a malignant melanoma skin cancer!
– Recent Skin Cancer Survivor