Patient Information

Our Fee Policy

Our clinic policy is medical and surgical fees are payable when services are rendered, including co-pay or cash patients. We accept VISA, DiscoverCard, MasterCard and American Express credit cards, in addition to checks, debit cards, and cash.

Will My Insurance Pay?

Good news – YES! Most health insurance policies pay very well, often paying the entire amount. Dermatology services are typically covered by health insurance, the same as internal medicine, pediatrics, general surgery, gynecology/obstetrics, etc. Our office will file all your health insurance claims. If you are not covered by health insurance we have contracted, we will still file your health forms for you, but we cannot accept assignment from the outside health insurance carrier.

Dr. Breedlove is a participating (in-network) physician in the following:

  • Medicare
  • Oklahoma State PPO and its many affiliates
  • Blue Cross Par-Net, PPO, and Blue Lines
  • Health Choice
  • Atena
  • United
  • Cigna
  • Humana

We do not routinely accept Oklahoma or Kansas Medicaid patients, unless they qualify for Medicare in addition to Medicaid. We do not accept the Medicaid portion of this dual coverage, only the Medicare portion.

Insurance Billing Assistance

Stillwater Skin & Cancer Medical Clinic, Inc. contracts its insurance patient billing with K.P. Billing, Duncan, OK, Kathy Phillips, owner. Ms. Phillips was formerly the office manager for Dr. Breedlove’s Stillwater office, and is knowledgeable in all phases of billing policies. She has been doing Dr. Breedlove's billing for over a decade.

K.P. Billing
Toll Free: 1-866-872-4564
P.O. Box 1044
Duncan, OK 73534

Dr. Breedlove and his staff saved my life by diagnosing a malignant melanoma skin cancer!
– Recent Skin Cancer Survivor