Philanthropic Commitments

Giving back to our community

Since 1997, Dr. Breedlove has sponsored a medical externship for a high school student beginning his or her junior year. Available through the Stillwater Medical Center Foundation, the student studies, observes and interacts with physicians and staff for six weeks during the summer at Stillwater Medical Center and other locations. The externship is an incredibly competitive and prestigious award.

2011 Scholarship Recipient

Atticus Mullon

Past Scholarship Recipients

2010 - Rachel Angevine
2009 - Corbin Donavan
2012 - Andrew Zapata
2007 - Ella Walker
2006 - Loza Dejene
2005 - Anna Pruitt
2004 - Drew Dawson
2003 - Kayla Avers
2002 - Amy Criswell
2001 - Marci Wilkinson
2000 - Becky Brandon
1999 - Erin Darlington
1998 - Andrew Hong
1997 - Jennifer Jadlow

For more information on the Breedlove Scholarship Program or to obtain an application, please contact Stillwater Medical Center Foundation 405-372-1480

Dr. Breelove has provided his charity services at the Stillwater Community Health Clinic since the clinics inception in 1993. He treats all patients there, not just skin disorders. Anything beyond the scope of the clinic, he refers and treats pro bono (no charges) at his private office.

Dr. Breedlove and his staff saved my life by diagnosing a malignant melanoma skin cancer!
– Recent Skin Cancer Survivor