Love Your Skin

Gentle medicine for treating your skin, hair and nail conditions.

Welcome to Stillwater Skin & Cancer Medical Clinic, Inc. You can trust veteran Dr. Robert Breedlove, dermatologist, and his staff, to help you guard against skin cancer now and in the future.

At Stillwater Skin & Cancer Medical Clinic, Inc., we realize our patients time is very valuable. Therefore, we strive to see patients at their appointment times.

We diagnose and treat patients using “gentle” medicine and understanding. Most procedures are practically pain-free, require little or no after-treatment pain medication, and are easily handled in our office. Pain is not a major issue at our office.

Is a dermatologist a M.D. or D.O.?

Yes, they may be either. A dermatologist is a licensed physician who specializes in skin care. Their eyes and are uniquely "trained" to analyze the skin, hair, and nails. They may spot potential problems and diagnose a multitude of conditions ranging from minor to life-threatening.

We attempt to limit our treatment to skin cancer surgery and the improvement of acne. We pride ourselves on the in-office treatment of skin cancers the same day we see them, along with high, one-treatment cure rates, and very little discomfort.

Dr. Breedlove and his staff saved my life by diagnosing a malignant melanoma skin cancer!
– Recent Skin Cancer Survivor